Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reset yourself back to your factory settings

Comparatively speaking, our minds and bodies are very similar to a computers hard drive and how the web operates.  All are warehouses and storage units for unlimited information and stimuli. As humans, information begins "uploading" into our system before we are even born.

In computer lingo SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), in short, it is an industry standard used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

In my world SSL is Simple Soulful Living – is the standard used for protecting and enhancing my place in the world; that I might live with a greater sense of love and joy.

Like a computer, when we are constantly exposed to viral threats, pop ups, and daily intrusions our system gets overloaded and can crash.  For humans the "blue screen of death" shows up in the form of extreme exhaustion, unending stress, and sometimes, debilitating disease.

How do we recover?  By resetting our human system back to its factory settings; back to the state of the pure love and joy we knew in the womb and at birth. 

How to reset your inner hard drive:

1.  Do a virus scan - Old emotions and trauma get lodged in our body just like a bad file on the computer.  Pay attention to the way your body feels and moves in the world; pay attention to what triggers and stresses you by tuning in.  Set aside time on a regular basis to sit quiet then scan and listen to what your body, mind and soul are telling you.

2.  Empty your temporary files - We carry a lot of baggage that's not ours.  Let it go by focusing on allowing only that which serves your highest good to enter your life.  Begin practicing radical self care and radical forgiveness.  Follow up with radical kindness.

3.  Clean your inner/outer hard drive - Cleanse your system.  Begin feeding your body and soul the foods and activities that support your system, particularly H2O and a little exercise. Both are essential elements for your operating system to work properly. Other ways to clean your inner and outer hard drive include raw juice fasts, soul retrieval, massage, and inner (and outer) space clearing.

When our minds and bodies become overloaded with everything that is thrown at us on a regular basis, we can't help but crash.  It's crucial to give ourselves time, space and permission to reboot - back to our factory settings and SSL -  simple soulful living.

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