Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three Lessons for Living a Soulful Life

People are constantly asking me how I do it, how I am seemingly so happy.  For me, every second is like “rebirth”.  We simply have to stop long enough to breath into it and recognize, again, that we create our own reality.

Every morning when we wake up we are given another opportunity to live a life we love, a life that completely honors our soul’s purpose.  We must simply make the choice to create that as our reality and then act upon it.

What’s my strategy?  Here are three parts to my soulful journey. 

Minimize to Maximize – After having experienced a devastating house fire years ago I realize “it’s just stuff”.  That “stuff” takes up almost as much space in my head as my house – its clutter.  For maximum enjoyment in my life, I pay attention to what I really love – whether it’s stuff or people – and I surround myself with what I love.  I make a point of minimizing that (or those) which no longer serve my highest good, or the highest good of all, and I let it go, with gratitude and blessings. 

Little Things – Do little things every day for others.  Those little things can mean mountains to someone else.  Sometimes it’s as simple as asking someone how they are, then sitting down to listen to their response or asking how to help.  Last week I left my friends favorite tea and honey in her cupboard so when she came home from giving birth to her second child she’d find a little joy, something to relax and smile with.  It’s that simple.  Below is a list of “little things” that matter most.

Perfectly Imperfect – Celebrate your perfectly imperfect self, allow yourself to “be” just that.  Look around. Everything and everyone is needed.  No one is higher or lower than you!  We are all incomparably unique.  A branch broke off the tree in my backyard.  It doesn't mean it’s not perfect just the way it is.  It’s still an incredible part of nature, providing me with what I need to breathe. 

These three parts of my soulful journey are what I practice everyday.  I’m not always perfect at following my strategy and sometimes I veer off course.  Yes, I am human and my EGO can get the best of me.  There are many parts to my strategy for living a Simple Soulful Life.  The best thing I can do for myself and others is to tune into what my inner Goddess has to say and act upon her promptings!

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