Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When did you stop thinking you were beautiful? 

That is a question the makers of Dove posed in a recent video that my friend and colleague, Birgit Keil, shared just this morning.  I KNOW when I started realizing, again, how beautiful I am -

From a distance many of you would never suspect that I was quite camera shy.  Yes, I was one of those women who would run from the camera.  What I saw in my pictures were flaws, lines, pimples, the hidden scars from listening to callous, insensitive, abusive people; from a society who suffers greatly; from believing I was not "good enough".

Well....Enough is ENOUGH.  I, like all of  you, am more than enough.  There is nothing wrong with me or YOU! We all have a spark, a shine, that when nurtured can light up even the darkest of moments.

My moment came when I shot my first video, with ME in the scene.  While reviewing the piece, I began critiquing it, cutting and cutting until there was nothing left.  My production partner, Judy Davids, gave me sound advice.  She said, "Stop watching yourself with judgement and simply let it be. The world sees only your beauty and hears only your words of love and encouragement, because THAT'S who you are!"

Wow!  Really, that's who I am?  Well, sisters (and brothers) if that's who I am then that's who YOU are - because I am you and you are me.

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!" Gloria Swanson, Sunset Boulevard, 1950

Are you ready?

When will you start thinking you are beautiful? How about right now? Just say, "yes I am" - it's that simple!

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