Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And they sniff..

A dogs path to enlightenment

Dogs are really pretty simple creatures, I should know, I live with two of them.  As a matter of fact, dogs have been in my life since the day I was born.  I've learned much from observing them.

In my opinion they ARE the enlightened ones. The meaning of life is simply "to sniff" more often. Here's what I mean:

They wake up, they sniff.
They stretch, they sniff.
They wake me up, they sniff.
They wait for me, they wag their tail, they sniff.
They go out, they sniff the air.
They walk down the stairs, they sniff the steps.
They pee, they sniff the ground.
They look around, they sniff the rose bush.
(Ok...that really gets me...they stop to smell the roses!)
They come in, they sniff their food.
They see their bones, they sniff (and chew).
They go back out, they sniff the ground.
They poop, they sniff the air.
They see Leo (their boyfriend next door), they sniff his face.
They come back in, they sniff their beds.
They lay down, they sniff the air.
They wake up, they sniff.....
And they sniff, and they sniff, and they sniff!

Yes, that's right, "the sniff" says it all.  With everything dogs do, they stop to sniff.  Sounds so simple - sniffing is the way to enlightenment.

There's still one bud left on my bush.  I'm off to sniff the roses!

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