Monday, January 28, 2013

Living a life you love!

That's what we are here for - to live a life we love.  We, as humans, make things so darn complicated.  Why is that?  Because we let our ego self lead (our "everything's going on" self) instead of listening to our heart, our soul's true voice.

You know you are NOT in tune with your soul essence when you're all tied up in knots, when your life feels like it's spinning out of control.

Sound too easy?  It's NOT!  You know you are in tune with your soul essence when life is in flow, when the little things are just that - little things! This is Simple Soulful Living.

How do we get there?  My answer - it's pretty simple.  By taking time, every day, to practice, yes, practice moving with the flow of life - instead of moving against it (that's where the EGO comes in) - little by little your life will become less complicated and more fulfilling. 

Here's my challenge.  Today decide to listen to your heart, your soul's voice by taking just a few minutes to get quiet and still.  You may just be amazed by what you hear!

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