Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you practicing?

When you read the title, "Are you practicing" did the voice in your head sound like your mothers voice or the gentle voice of your soul saying, "come join me"?  Practice is everything.  Living life soulfully is a daily, minute by minute, practice.

This weekend I attended a workshop.  Upon reflection I realize where I am neglecting to "practice" in my own life, where I am "glorifying busy".  Was it coincidence that my husband posted this picture on his Facebook page while I was in the workshop.  (I doubt it! - Thanks, Mr. Williams) Mainly, it showed up in the way I take care of my own needs.

One BIG need is listening to my soul's voice, not  the voice of my mother or the voices of the many teachers in my life.

What speaks to me?  What keeps me in flow?  What do I need to do everyday?
  • Meditation and/or journeying
  • Commune with Mother Earth
  • Connect with my family
  • Connect with my animal family
  • Play 
  • Celebrate LOVE
I have been distracted, filling my life with busy - ness and business; neglecting those aspects of my life where I felt as if I was truly in flow and listening to my souls voice.  My soul is calling, "Come join me"! So...I'm off to join her in journey and align with my mission of Simple Soulful Living!

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